Top 5 Advent Calendar Picks!


You are probably thinking, why is this girl writing about an advent calendar half way through January?! Well, last year I was lucky enough to get the Glossybox Advent Calendar!

Now for those you of you the don’t know what Glossybox is… It is a monthly subscription box containing an array of beauty products from makeup to hair products to beauty tools all from different brands, and usually brands that you may have never heard of! If you want to check it out some more please click the link:

This year Glossybox blessed us with an advent calendar! 24 goodies, both mini and full size to try out. I have tried all of the products and wanted to share with you my top 5 products!

5 – Unani Casuals Smoothing Facial Scrub RRP £? (I can’t find this online anywhere!)

I have been really enjoying this face scrub. It is a gentle scrub and my skin definitely feel smoother after using it, but not dry like most facial scrubs! And the orange scent is subtle yet delicious making it even nicer to use.

I struggle with face washes and general facial products because they often don’t work well or I get a reaction to them but this one so far has been lovely on my skin and I have had no reactions!


4 – Daily Concepts Mini Scrubber RRP £6.99 on Amazon

I know, how did this basic little item end up in my top 5? Well, I just love it!

I will admit I’m not the best at keeping in with a face wash regime but this has changed the game recently! I hate flannels and generally just use my hands with a face wash but my goodness this feels amazing!

This mini scrubber is like an exfoliating sponge but it is so gentle on the skin! And my skin feels amazing after using it, paired with a nice face wash too of course!

Something little that I also like about this item is the material loop attached to it, which can be used to hang it up, because it has written on it, “Replace when writing fades”, which I thought was a great way to remind us that we should be replacing these things every so often!

3 – Yves Rocher Grand Rouge L’Elixir RRP £10.99 on

I love a lipstick! Especially this colour! (Shade 104)

This lipstick felt so nice to put on. It is creamy and soft and does not completely dry but enough not to transfer too much. (not completely kiss proof unfortunately!)

This lipstick seemed to last really well and didn’t really need topping up at all! I only wore it for about 6 hours on a night out but considering the amount of drinks it came into contact with, I didn’t need to top it up! Perfect!

2 – Mitchell and Peach Fine Radiance Face Oil RRP £40 on (Currently on sale on Amazon!)

Now as someone with naturally oily skin I can be a bit wary of using oils on my face but I thought I’d give it a go!

This has become one of my favourite parts of my bedtime routine!

The oil itself is light, quickly absorbs into the skin and only leaves a slight oiliness after being applied. It doesn’t really have a smell, just a neutral, slightly warming aroma that I personally think is quite relaxing and great for if you are using it just before bed!

I haven’t tried this at any other time of the day so cannot comment on what it is like under makeup unfortunately but personally I don’t think it should be used under makeup, especially if you struggle with oiliness anyway, like me!

1 – Huda Beauty Winter Solstice Highlighter Palette RRP $45 on

Of course this had to be my number 1!

(Excuse how messy it is, I just couldn’t wait to use it!)

This highlighter palette is amazing! It has 4 shades of highlight, 1 creme and 3 powder, and wow! Just wow! They are really pigmented and easy to blend. Even the creme one, which isn’t my favourite type of highlighter, was lovely but more subtle and has become my more natural day to day highlighter when I’m not wearing much makeup, if any at all.

I’ve also used these on my eyelids to make my eyeshadow pop that bit more! My favourite one to use on my eyelids was the gold Northern Lights highlight just in the centre of the eyelid!

Honestly, I just love a highlighter!

I hope you enjoyed this little top 5!

My next post will be up on February 1st so stay tuned! Remember if you want to keep up to date with my posts you can subscribe and get notifications every time I upload!

Any other product reviews you’d like me to do please let me know via the comments or my contact page along with anything else you’d like to contact me about!

B. xo

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