Happy New Year!

Hello! I’m back!

Its been a few months since my last posted but life just got in the way a little! (And the posts I had scheduled got deleted!)

But Im back now, and have some new blog posts ready for you! You may have also noticed my blog has a new look!

You can look forward to more life, adventure and recipe posts from me this year as well as some other topics here and there!

For now lets focus on the new year! I hope you saw the new year in fabulously, and don’t have too much of a sore head this morning!

So 2019! A new year with new focuses and new goals! For me its also a blank slate after a rollercoaster of a year that I am happy to see the back of!

Do you have any new goals for this year? I’d love if you commented below and let me know what they are! Maybe you could even inspire someone else this year!

Some of my new goals for this year are:

Self love – I have spent a good year really trying to work on this and I’m going to continue this goal into 2019!

Healthy body and mind – I am rejoining Slimming World this year to finally get my body back to it best along with getting myself back into a proper fitness routine. I am also continuing my therapy sessions help with a healthy mind.

Making more time for family and friends – This is something I didn’t do much of last year sadly, but instead I took the time to try and focus on myself so not all bad!

More adventures – This year I have lots of adventures planned already including days out, trips away and just lots of fun! I look forward to sharing these with you as they happen.

I have a few more but these are my top ones!

I’m going to leave this post here but expect another post on the 15th at 8pm.

Its good to be back!

Sending love, luck and positivity to you all as we start the new year!

Good luck with your new year goals!


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