Capri • Italy 🇮🇹

I am on my holiday in Italy right now with Luke, a much needed break for us both, but don’t think that means pure relaxation for us. Nope, we’ve got some excursions planned and I want to share them with you. Starting with Capri!

This was or first trip out of the town Vico Equense where we are staying, just outside Sorrento.

I’d heard amazing things about Capri and it’s beautiful sights, and it seems it’s the place lots of celebrities go on holiday! Unfortunately we didn’t come across any but Beyonce and Elton John were recently here!

Well, we were not disappointed!

Stepping off of the boat, (this is the only way to get to the Island of Capri) we jumped straight onto a minibus with our guide and the rest of the group and headed to Anacapri. (Ana=upper, Anacapri is higher up the island above Capri).

We took in the sights and information given on the short and windy journey up the island and soon set about exploring Anacapri.

Now one thing you will notice here is the huge presence of many lemon souvenirs from key rings to soaps that look like real lemons and of course Lemoncello!

Now to the most exciting part, the chair lift! You are probably thinking, what am I on about but this was an experience you shouldn’t miss when visiting the island.

At first I wasn’t sure.. getting on and off a single moving chair to take me to the highest point on the island.. but honestly it was fine! In 13 minutes you are at the highest point with amazing views! (Oh and make sure you wear shoes that won’t fall off, or like me, take off your sandals and hold them).

Unfortunately one side of the island was covered by a cloud, something very strange to see. It was like someone had erased that part of the island to pure white.

From here we made our way back down and met the group ready for Capri Town. Another short and windy journey back down the island. More sights and information given before some more exploring!

The island is beautiful and the views, well the pictures just do not do them justice! No wonder celebrities head here on yachts and stay in the bays!

We also went on a boat tour around the whole of the island, visiting multiple grottos. I highly recommend this!

The only grotto we didn’t visit was the Blue Grotto. This can only be accessed via a very small canoe like boat, through a 1mx2m arch and is a grotto that need the right weather to make it as magical as they say it is! But there are plenty of other grottos to see!

This excursion was amazing, beautiful sights, lots of information from our guide and we had gorgeous weather too!

Now back onto the boat to return us to Sorrento. A tour I highly recommend! Definitely do both Capri and Anacapri if you can! There is so much more beyond just Capri Town!

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my travels to Italy! Next time I will be taking you to the town of Sorrento!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

If you have any questions you’d like me to answer please leave a comment and I will make sure to either reply or include it in the next post!


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