Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, the Mums who are also the Dad, the Men who stepped up to be a Dad, the Carers that play the part of Dad, and the Dads who are looking down on us ❤️

Today is a day we appreciate those that are the Father figures in our lives. Show them how much we love them, and thank them for all that they do for us! Or think of those who can’t be with us any more but will always be the best Dads in our hearts!

I want to thank a man in my life who stepped up and took the role of Dad when I was only 2 years old.

We haven’t always seen eye to eye and we know what buttons to push but it’s always been great having you in my life. And since moving out I think we have become closer!

I am so grateful to have you in my life and for all that you do for me and my sister.

Thank you Gary for being my Dad. For being there when you can, supporting our family, taking care of us, looking out for me and all the little things like being taxi driver, fixing my car, bringing drinks to the hot tub during girly nights and so much more!

Happy Fathers Day Gary!

Now go enjoy your Sunday appreciating the Father figures in your lives!

B. xo

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