I woke up like this, I woke up like this 🎶

I wish I woke up with my skin looking flawless…but it is in fact down to my Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Foundation!

So here I am with an empty Fenty foundation bottle and I thought maybe it’s time to review it!

Firstly, I’m basing my review on my skin type which is mostly oily in the T-zone but also dry in areas including my t-zone (I still don’t get how that works!)

So far I believe this foundation is only available in Harvey Nichols stores and online and at Fentybeauty.com. I definitely recommend getting it in store first to make sure you get the right shade because there are soooo many shades/variations!

Thank you Rihanna for being so inclusive!

Now, I don’t wear a full face of makeup everyday and depending on occasion, or if I mess it up, I may redo my makeup a couple of times in a day but I bought my foundation in Mid December 2017 and I have only just run out at the end of May 2018. That’s almost 6 months which I think is pretty good!

This foundation is a long-wear, soft matte and medium to full coverage depending on how you apply and how much you use. From my experience a brush would give a more medium coverage and a beauty blender a more full coverage. Now she does sell a brush to use with this but I have so many brushes already! I decided to use a beauty blender as I have found this is the best way to apply any foundation to my skin.

You do not need a lot of this foundation to cover your face, 2-3 pumps. Again depending on the coverage you want. And apply to your face in sections as I found it dries fairly quickly making it less manageable if you try and do your whole face in one go!

This is the only foundation, so far, (I’ve tried so many now) that will stay on my skin all day! With a slight touch up where my glasses touch my nose.

I always seem to get compliments on my makeup and asked what foundation I use when I wear this!

Overall, if you have oily/combination skin and blemishes and don’t want to spend a lot, this should last all day, give good coverage, look flawless and not break the bank!

I definitely recommend and will be purchasing another bottle soon!

I am now trying out a new brand of foundation so look forward to another review soon!


B. xo


Do you have any other Fenty Beauty recommendations? Comment below!

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